Breaking down the “Lyrical Content”

Inspekta at a photoshoot in London by Christop...

Inspekta at a photoshoot in London by Christopher Hunt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Picture of the band . Français : Phot...

English: Picture of the band . Français : Photographie groupe . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How could you listen to music, but not pay attention to the lyrics? Lyrics are like poems. Besides the beats that catch your attention, it’s important that you also listen to the lyrics. Artists have been given the gift to tell a story using parables, metaphors, paraphrases, and various syllables to inspire, motivate, and educate you.

It may be hard for you to understand the lyrical content of Hip Hop and Rap Music, especially if you aren’t familiar with the terminology and terms most rappers use. No need to get frustrated, just rewind the song and listen for hidden messages in the lyrics. You may find a solution to a problem you’ve been facing in your personal life, family, or relationship. Listen to the experiences of others when it comes down to issues of love and infidelity; encouragement to pursue your dreams no matter what challenges are ahead. You can find inspirational stories about how one came from poverty, discovered their gift, and used it to rise above the circumstances life deals us.

Please do not give up on our music. We all know that sometimes the language can be vulgar, explicit, disrespectful even. However, we do have this amendment called freedom of speech. Not to justify some of the explicit lyrics, this is art at it’s purest state, being able to express yourself freely according to the emotions one feels at the time. Just listen with an open mind in hopes you can learn something new, or get confirmation on a matter you’re facing.

Music has lifted up the deepest, darkest spirits, making the world a better place. For where would we be without music from all genres?

To all the Hip Hop/ Rap listeners, try stepping outside the box and listen to some Alternative Rock and Pop Music. You can learn a lot from listening to the lyrical content as well. If you can’t understand what the rockers are saying, then just hit rewind. Usually Alternative Rock is easier to understand, where as the messages are clear and in plain English. There usually isn’t any “slang” in Alternative Rock Lyrics.

Please feel free to add your thoughts and opinions on this blog about “Breaking down the Lyrical Content.” Share what you listen for in lyrics, and what get’s you going when you listen to music. Do you listen for the message in the lyrics, or do you just listen to the beats to get your blood pumping? You decide.


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