Bridging the Cultural Gap on the West Coast


English: Black Hispanic and Latino Americans

English: Black Hispanic and Latino Americans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s quite obvious that there is a “Cultural Gap” on the West Coast that needs to be filled. The only way to close the cultural gap is to continue building bridges to help us all get over. Building Bridges simply put means that we utilize, apply, pull together our resources and talents then be more open to sharing these tools with other cultures.

The relationship between African Americans, and Hispanic/ Latino, Mexican people have unfortunately been a constant struggle between the two cultures, due to stereotypes, lack of education, and prejudices. Maybe even past experiences between the two cultures have created such tension, hindering them from developing a functional relationship. Getting into detail, the unfortunate tensions and race relations between African Americans and Hispanic/ Latino, Mexican cultures have been contributed to by violations of personal, moral, and street codes of ethics. Much of this tension was the aftermath of shady drug deals on the streets, institutions, (jails/prisons) personal relationship problems, lack of education, misunderstood traditions, etc. These issues caused a lack of trust, loyalty, eventually escalating to hate, racism, pride and prejudice.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California,...

African American and Hispanic American workers...

Both cultures have had to struggle for equality with the entire world, working their way up through society, earning their right to freedom, justice and equality; thanks to the Civil Rights Movements of the past. Being armed with these facts, it’s a wonder why the two cultures cannot fully embrace each other because of the similar histories they have.

The first solution we can offer to our readers in Bridging the Cultural gap on the West Coast is to educate ourselves on other cultures/ races. Be more understanding of each others traditions, past struggles and history. Once you understand the people you are dealing with as a collective, then you can better understand the individual and their beliefs. Sooner or later, you will realize that you have more in common than you thought.

Since California was once Mexico, people should respect this fact even though California is now part of the United States. Although this is a free country; she still has a History that cannot be erased or hidden from the people. We should respect this history and the cultures that paved the way for the entire world to live in peace and harmony with each other.

One last suggestion to our readers on bridging the cultural gap on the West Coast, is that it wouldn’t hurt to learn how to speak Spanish fluently for you will surely get further in life here on the West Coast.

CEO/ Founder

West Coast Rise Magazine

Maurice A. Petty


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