Dear Mr. President

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Dear Mr. President

By Artist

Maurice Allen Petty aka – M.A.P. The Prince of Peace, Maverick of the West

Listen to “Dear Mr. President” by M.A.P. The Prince of Peace


formerly known as Artist Black Jesus The Prince of Peace, and self-proclaimed “Maverick of the West” that was a title borrowed from one of his Father’s old Country Western Movies.

Dear Mr. President is a shout out to no only the current POTUS, and the great things he’s done for the Country, but for the next POTUS to be. However, there is an emphasis that there are some more issues that President Obama, and California Politicians should address together before passing the baton.

In the first verse, MLK is mentioned, and an assumption made that perhaps we don’t need another President, but a King, with a King to lead the country. This King would have similar qualities to MLK, but considering that we are past the Civil Rights Movement of 60’s era, and America is polluted with drugs from glorified Cartel Leaders, we are way past benefiting from another leader like MLK.

Listen to “Dear Mr. President” by M.A.P. The Prince of Peace

Dear Mr. President conveys a message of hope to the inner city, and West Coast community that we need to bridge the cultural gap between African Americans and Mexicans, Latinos, and Chicanos. The Prince of Peace clearly holds fellow Artist and Grammy Award Winner Kendrick Lamar in esteem for the position he holds not only in the Compton Community, but the Global Community. Although the message to Kendrick could be taken as a jab at the Grammy Award Winner, The Prince of Peace insists that if Kendrick can get the KEYS to the City, then any of us can. While also giving a shout out to his old neighbor and Los Angeles Community Leader/ Rapper Nipsey Hussle, and Platinum selling recording Artist YG from Bompton and encouraging them to strive for their own set of keys together by uniting the West Coast gangs, and gang members from the Brown and Black side.


M.A.P. The Prince of Peace is not new to the Hip Hop, Rap, and Artistic community. Not to mention his run-ins with the law, and a brief battle with drug addiction, years in out of incarceration, and gang affiliations is what he uses to fuel his Ministry to the world and convey his message, to the Entertainment Industry, while on the path to being a world changer within those realms.


“Rehabilitation at it’s finest” is one of the Prince of Peace’s many motto’s, and what holds  the title to. Meaning that he came through the entire Rehabilitation System on top a better man mentally, physically and spiritually.

The moral to the story behind this address to the President is that we all can change, and it all starts with a dream. Whats your Dream?



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