3 Challenges Idependent Artists Face in Sucessfully Competing in The Music Industry

3 Important Challenges Independent Artists Face in Successfully competing In The Music Industry


“What are the 3 greatest challenges independents face in successfully competing in the music industry”

1.) In order for independent Artists to successfully compete in the music industry, we must first keep up with the constantly growing trends in music. Keeping in mind the politics, self awareness, cultural differences, education, self education, musical history, and the dynamics of todays and tomorrows main-stream culture. As independents we need to learn how to follow and accept the leadership of influential artists such as Jay Z, Sean Diddy Combs, Kanye West, Common, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and many other influencial artists from the past and present.

Once we learn how to be good followers as independents, we can then become even better leaders for our youth and even society as a whole.

2.) Because of the influence Hip-Hop/Gangsta Rap, Rap, and Gospel Rap has on our youth and society; as independent artists, we need to be more diverse conscious of our messages we portray to our youth and society. Don’t underestimate the power of our “subconscious minds.” 


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We need to alleviate or deviate from the promotion of drugs, guns, and violence in our songs, and promote more positivity and inspiration through the everyday trials, tribulations, and temptations we face today. Directing the thoughts of our youth towards self esteem, encouraging them to expand their minds and pursue their education.

By creatively mastering this musical challenge, we will motivate our young brothers and sisters to become more involved in school and society, encouraging them to pursue other possibilities and talents outside of sports and music.

3.) Another challenge we face as independent artists is bridging the cultural gap and promoting the end to the stereotypes, racism, poor education, and ignorance. As independents we should be more versatile and diverse in order to bridge this cross cultural gap by collaborating with other genres like alternative rock, blues We have interviews of some of the biggest names in the Urban Christian genre, and we are committed to the growing and diverse audience without compromise, jazz and pop.

Diversification and versatility will lead to each independent artist winning a  larger fan base, earning more record sales, booking shows, and gaining the respect that we deserve. Hip-Hop is one of the most creative forms of art that dates back 20 plus years. However the only thing permanent and constant in life is change. Therefore, WE need to allow room for change and encourage this change as technology and information technology advances advances and changes.This is Hip-Hop
Our society is changing, fast forward 2016 the upcoming elections, world events, crisis, terrrorism, spirituality, and our hope for a better future should constantly be addressed.  We should strive to keep up with the times and challenge one another as independents to embrace and grow with the times by adding value to our future and not perpetuating the hate, war, and violence across the world and our communities. 

We should keep up with world events and realistic issues other than guns, drugs, and violence. Even the degradation of our women is beginning to be unacceptable. Although a lot of artist have a lot to say due to tragic life experiences, troubled youth; for future references, record labels should screen their artists for content , and reinvest or scout out to other local talent. For example, a lot of independents don’t have as much of a shot at success in main-stream Hip-Hop/Gangsta Rap unless they have been shot, been to jail or been affiliated with a gang. I’ve even noticed that if you aren’t a known drug dealer, then you have no street credibility.diddy, jayz 50 nas

There are a lot of intellectual artist that have been associated with gang members and drug dealers, but decided to go to school, work, or join the military. that haven’t been given enough recognition and marketing. These so-called  “squares” are in either direct, or indirect competition with  your mainstream artists that are dominating the airwaves. If Hip-hop was dead, then it’s surely back to life with the hundreds, if not thousands of producers, dj’s, writers, singers, lyricists, independent labels, magazines, pod-casts, internet radio stations, live mixtapes, and a vastly growing world of world changing culture. ” Hip Hop”

In conclusion, as we continue to meet the growing challenges as independent artists successfully competing in the music industry, don’t ever stop learning what your purpose is in life, even if it’s not being an artist.

Cheers to facing and meeting the challenges we face as independents in successfully competing in the music industry…

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