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This is the part if wcrm that everyone has been waiting for. WCRM is proud to

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introduce to you the myriad of Rappers, artists, entertainers and many other hidden talent that keep the West Coast on a constant Rise. Not all talent is so hidden; just check your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Soudcloud, WordPress, Instagram, and many other social networks. Most individuals and entities with a knack for learning, building, teaching, informing, or creativiting, utilize these social networking sites to market their talent and ideals to the world in hopes it will grace the right readers and/ or listeners.

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It seems that everybody has something to say about something here on the West Coast. We rap about it, blog about it, tweet about it. Whatever we can do to get it out is what we do. Thank God for talent, art, and effective forms of creative expression.

Revealing the west coasts hidden talents was difficult because there is so much talent here. We had to first start by breaking down each category where talent lies.

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Blogging/ journalism
Graphic design
Interior decorating
Dog grooming
Clothing design
Graffiti Art

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Radio Broadcasting

The West Coast has talent spread all throughout its communities. That is where the talent is hidden; within in our communities. It could be right next door to you, or sleeping in the bedroom down the hall. You could be sitting next to the West Coasts Rising talent on the bus, train, or maybe in your classroom. You just never know when you’re sitting next to rising talent at a stop light.

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Vision and the Scarlet Witch appear on the cover of the retitled “Avengers West Coast”, vol. 2 #47 (Aug. 1989). Art by John Byrne. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We found that most talent comes from low income, single families in suburban communities. Environment is a really big deal these days. Our immediate surroundings and the knowledge you take in from learning experiences nurture  hidden talent. Although we don’t have any statistics to back that claim, you can investigate it, and draw your own conclusions on this theory or opinion.

Circumstances can also alter or nurture our talent. The most important Part of revealing the West Coasts Rising Talent; is understanding where it all starts. It starts in our schools and with our youth. The young, free, and eccentric kids you look at and might call “weirdos.” The kids who can run fast, jump high, hit hard, start a business, balance the books better than quicken itself, and get access to anything you need to have, know, or want with their fingertips. With the constant rise in technology there should never be an excuse for not getting out your dreams and goals.

For this particular article, we want to make sure we gather the most talented and creative individuals on the Rise with their personal or commercial brand names, products, goods, and services on the West Coast. Please give us some time as we continue scouting these individuals in order to introduce them to all of our informed readers who like to know who and what’s new on the West Coast.

Thank You,

Editor in Chief

West Coast Rise Magazine

Maurice A. Petty




Galvanized by Art

Galvanized by Art (Photo credit: cobalt123)


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