Our West Coast Summer

J1 – Summer in the Sun

J1 – Summer in the Sun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Summertime is almost officially over for teachers, parents, and students all



throughout California’s School Districts. So, when does Summer vacation really end. Well, it actually varies from district to district. Many schools are year round, which means there is no Summer break for them and the school year starts the Monday after July 4th. These students get 4 weeks off for every 12 weeks they are on track. However, most schools throughout California are traditional and do get to enjoy their Summer break. Most students are back to school the Tuesday after Labor Day.


Summer school painting

Summer school painting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Growing up as a youngster in California, I would look forward to Summer ending, just as much as I looked forward to it starting. Why? Because that’s when I got all the newest clothes, backpack, and cool back to school gear that every kid needs to kick off their education for the new year. You can always feel the Summer approaching as all the students would share their plans and wishes for the ultimate fun in the sun. The most popular Summertime getaways for young teens, adults, and families. are the 20 unique water-parks located strategically throughout California. (See bottom of page for list of popular West Coast water-parks near you)


The “Dog days of Summer,” which usually arrive between July 3rd and August 11th, (named after the Dog Star [Sirus] in the Constellation of Canis Majori) is known for annoying Summer pest like those blood eating Mosquitoes that have been around more than 30 million Summer seasons our senior. And Ahhhh! The glorious mating call of the Crickets chirping in the night. Don’t forget that Crickets



Cricket (Photo credit: w3i_yu)

usually mate in the late Summer. The hotter the weather, the more frequent Crickets get their chirp on. Rumor has it; if you count a cricket’s chirp for 15 seconds, and add 37 to that, you come up with the approximate outdoor temperature.

Ever wonder when Summertime officially ends? It’s September 21st, so mark your calendars. If you haven’t really enjoyed your summer so far, just chill out, cause there’s still ample time to bask in the West Coast Sun. Just to point you in the right direction, here’s a list of Water-Parks in California, and some other fun Summer Activities.





CSSSA Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Summer Shoes

Summer Shoes (Photo credit: Klearchos Kapoutsis)




See a movie at the drive-in


Walk on the boardwalk and listen to the boards creak under your feet


Blow bubbles


Play tag, hopscotch, or one of your favorite childhood games


Ride a roller coaster


Play miniature golf


Win a prize at the fair


Catch fireflies at night


Build a sandcastle at the beach


Eat and Drink



Eat a whole lobster with your hands


Pick berries and peaches at a farm


Buy a Creamsicle from the neighborhood ice cream truck


Roast marshmallows over a fire and make s’mores


Make lemonade from scratch


Eat corn on the cob


Sip a sweating glass of iced tea


Eat a slice of watermelon


Buy fresh produce at the farmers’ market


Mix up a pitcher of sangria


Eat a soft-serve vanilla ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles


Dig your own clams


Have a barbecue




Nap in a hammock


Have a picnic in the park


Sit on a porch swing


Stargaze while lying in the grass


Watch the sun set from a beach


Dangle your feet off a dock


Bring a blanket and lie on the grass at an outdoor concert


The Great Outdoors


Pick wildflowers


Swim in a lake


Rent a bike


Go fishing


Go camping


Play tennis


Go for a hike


Go kayaking or canoeing


Toss a Frisbee


Just Because


Collect seashells at the beach


Take a last-minute road trip


See a summer blockbuster


Read a trashy novel


Walk barefoot in the grass


Get caught in a summer rainstorm


Sleep with the windows open


Make a summer playlist


Smell freshly-cut grass


Feel the sun on your back


Roll up your pant legs and go wading


Go to a baseball game





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