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Hip Hop & Education have an interesting relationship. This is why it’s important we bring up some thoughts, opinions and ideas on the two. Also the impact once again “Rappers” have on our youth. For the sake of this article, we will refer to these individuals as “Public Figures” instead.

The responsibility of these Public Figures isn’t expressed by the Community often enough. Especially the Public Figures that are well versed and have a formal or informal College Education.

The music industry is full of well educated men and women with and without book knowledge. Not to take anything away from the Public Figures in the Music Industry without book knowledge; having a formal education or a degree also helps in the Entertainment Business wouldn’t hurt anyone’s chances for success.

Ask the Public Figures like “Lil Wayne and Ice Cube” for starters how going to College has helped them advance their careers. Lil Wayne says he is “Hip Hop” and so he also got his “Education.”

Like being an athlete, you can not go into any major team or even be considered unless you are making good grades in either college or high school. Even employers look for a High School Diploma and College background.

The importance of education can never be stressed enough when it comes down to our youth. Even if they aspire to be entertainers, rappers, public figures, etc, education should still be the number one priority.

There are many young adults from the ages if 30 to 38 with teenage sons and daughters. This means you were around the same age they are now when you had them. Try to remember how it was when you were in high school, trying to find yourself and fit in all at the same time. Remember all the distractions? Well, multiply that times 18 years and see how many distractions you come up with.

The point is that with all the distractions even as young adults being Public Figures in our 30’s; we have to be there for our teenage youth, and encourage them to be cool and stay in school. Wether they’re our family members, children, our fans, mentees, or neighbors. It’s never beyond you and me.

Much love to Hip Hop and big ups to Education.

CEO/ Founder
West Coast Rise Magazine

Maurice A. Petty



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