The Zimmerman Effect… “RESPECT”… Something to Think About…

Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford

Trayvon Martin Protest – Sanford (Photo credit: werthmedia)

First and foremost, may Trayvon Martin rest in Peace, and God Bless his family, friends, and loved ones through these trying times.

This is an “emergency blog” in the aftermath of the Zimmerman, Martin trial. There are so many mixed views on what happened that day between these two individuals. The most honest opinion expressed is that “nobody knows what happened between Zimmerman and Trayvon except those two men and God.”

This should be a lesson to the African American community that we need to be more conscious of our decisions and raising our youth. Although it’s very unfortunate the Death of Trayvon Martin, there are countless murders within the Black Community where young Black Men and Women are also killing other Black Men and Women. These unfortunate murders in the Black Community are not as often televised, and many of these murders have been unsolved! Is this an issue that we should protest as well? Should we protest against our own communities? Or should we be more conscious of how we raise our sons and daughters? Something to think about.

Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford

Trayvon Martin Protest – Sanford (Photo credit: werthmedia)

We all know that the Black Community is strong, powerful, rich, and talented. However, there is a percentage of the young Black Community that is often unfortunately stereotyped because of our dominant, sometimes violent history that you hear about in the media and on the radio. Unfortunately, the lyrical content in rap music still doesn’t help get rid of the stereotypes placed upon young black men. Maybe Zimmerman listen to rap music or watched Menace to Society a few times too many. Something else to think about.

Point being, the Black Community should not only mourn the senseless death of Trayvon Martin, but also mourn all the young family, friends, and loved ones that you have lost just within the last 5 years. Let’s be more conscious of how we raise our sons and daughters before it’s too late. It’s already been proven that there are limited options for the young Black Youth throughout the United States, and they will forever be faced with opposition.

There is always a way to rise above young men and women. Be respectful to everyone no matter what race, standard of living, or neighborhood they’re from. Respect will go a long ways, and this should be the moral to the Trayvon and Zimmerman story. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Trayvon should have respected Mr. Zimmerman, and Mr Zimmerman should have Respected Mr. Trayvon Martin. Case Closed.

CEO/ Founder

West Coast Rise Magazine

Maurice A. Petty


4 responses to “The Zimmerman Effect… “RESPECT”… Something to Think About…

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  2. Maurice, first and foremost this blog is pretty awesome. I applaud you for your words and work, reaching out to the community. On to your Blog post about the Zimmerman case and respect. YES. We as blacks, as a whole have a stigma towards each other that for all my life I have wondered why we treat each other so poorly. We fail to support each other and we barely speak to each other in the streets. Yes, this is an issue, and Yes we should and HAVE already marched to protect our streets. You do remember how bad Compton WAS right. True its not the same, but a lot has changed and My mother, her neighborhood block party , my father, myself, family and everyone else concerned marched to get the drugs and gangs off our streets. During riots we tear up our own. The entire world ( exaggerating a bit) looks at blacks as a waste of space, thugs, useless.

    We all know this is not true. It is not all, but some. When they spit out statistics that blacks kill more blacks than whites kill blacks. Well Im guessing we’re talking about in the last couple decades, which is fine. But why? Most blacks live by blacks or non-whites, and most whites live by whites. We are still segregated. Brothers are killing themselves because they are playing a game, a dangerous game. A game that fights over the little they have. Fighting over territory that doe snot belong to them. When you have nothing, you fight for nothing and you die for nothing. That’s what these young black men and women are doing. They know better by now. Have too. Way too many resources out here, but its easier to bang ( not sure how, but that’s how it seems) its easier to be in jail, than fight and struggle just to be told no, or just to get a little piece of the pie.

    I’m sure all these young men and women hurt inside when they see families like the Kardashians, or the Simmons and they live life to the fullest, always smiling, never worried about bills etc. I know it hurts to not understand where you come from. Who you are, what you are and why you exist. This is a deep wound that we have continued to keep opened and never heal. We still blame slavery for why we don’t have good jobs in 2013. We still blame massa for not giving up more cash on that ebt. We started with nothing, started at the bottom and we still here because we choose to. I say we, because we are all in this together, even the richest black to the poorest. We are all looked at by society the same because of how we allow ourselves to raise our kids and let other peoples kids slide by.

    Our culture ( that we completely made up on our own just decades ago) is still a work in progress. Please remember we are still not treated 100% equal when we still have to have a bill stating that blacks can vote o_0. Not only do we need to restructure the entire way we as blacks carry on, live our lives, but we also have to reeducate the oh so ignorant out there. We have to change within. Stop spewing racism within our own community and everyone else will slowly stop. I guess trickle down end of racism. If I don’t call you the N word, and you don’t call me the N word, then its likely someone outside our race will not call us the N word. We have to be the change we want to see… Right!

    I know you wear suits, you are a dapper man, tall and handsome. But I can guarantee you, that a white woman, somewhere is in fear of her life when she is around you. Its more than just the thugs ./ its the skin color. They don’t even look at your clothes…

    Okay I’m done. Thought process complete.


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