Have You Ever Been Convicted of a Felony?





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Everyone knows about the question; “Have you ever been convicted of a felony?” But should who should really know the answer? In the fine print, the disclosure states very nicely in fine print that a felony conviction won’t necessarily disqualify you from employment. However, our research concludes that is from the truth. Corporations, and employers do not want to hire ex felons working at their companies.



This article isn’t about complaining about a situation that can be easily addressed and resolved. We hope to bring solutions to the world by simply sharing ideas and opinions that can contribute to our evolution as people living in a country with such a stinging history.


Here, we will share with you some solutions for employers to hire individuals with a criminal background.









* Monthly deductions/ contributions are automatically deducted from each pay period.


-For 90 days probation, deductions will be made.


-After 90 days completion with no incidents or tardies, deductions are reimbursed to employees with the option to purchase Health Care insurance for their families, tuition for additional job skills training related to the company. The money can also be applied towards the company’s 401k, or invest in their employers stock.


* For qualified candidates who completed Vocational Training, Voc. Rehab, Mental Health Therapy, and Substance Abuse Programs while incarcerated; they shall be given equal rights, equal employment opportunity as if the individual never had the felony. After all, this is giving back to our Communities.


Whatcha Gonna Do? (Jayo Felony album)

Whatcha Gonna Do? (Jayo Felony album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





* Working with other cultures, you can learn something every day that will benefit your companies morale, perspective, and leadership in the Community.


* Learn how to communicate in other languages. Breaking language barriers and getting the job done effectively as individuals and through teamwork. This will increase the businesses productivity.


* It’s not always just about the money when running business. Passion, vision, and making a difference should be the motto for all business owners. Hiring a qualified, hardworking individual with a felony conviction on his/her record shows passion, vision, and making a difference. Don’t ask us to explain how right now, we’ll leave that part up to you.


* With over crowding jails, and inhumane conditions, non violent offenders will soon to be released back to their communities. Employers would be helping the community by providing qualified individuals jobs with the Employment Insurance Policy Incentive for those with a criminal record. Contributing to crime reduction is something local business can achieve by hiring convicted felons.


* Employers would be doing society a favor by giving these people jobs.


* Possible notoriety in the community for taking that kind of business risk and  it turns out to be successful.







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01k US Courthouse (Los Angeles) NRHP-06000001 – The Young Lincoln (E) (Photo credit: Kansas Sebastian)



Thank you for allowing us to share our ideas with you. We hope it reaches the right bloggers and readers who value social issues like this. Please feel free to comment and share with us your own opinions on the subject.






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West Coast Rise Magazine

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Seal of the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maurice A. Petty






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