West Coast Rising Topics

West Coast Rise Magazine always wants to keep you informed and up to date with the important issues that affect the West Coast Community and Culture. With so much talent surfacing throughout the streets and internet, we want to challenge you to continue being creative, and step outside the box.

Here are “some” West Coast Rising Topics that you can expect to read and blog about in the near future.

Rising Topics on the West Coast:

1.) Hottest couples on the West Coast

2.) The Artists/ Rappers Attitude

3.) Importance of a good attitude in the Music Industry

4.) Networking amongst artists

5.) The responsibility of Artist relations and Management

6.) Rising Talent Behind the Walls

7.) West Coast Rising Athletes on the field and the court

8.) Hip Hop and Education

9.) Hip Hop and Social Justice

10.) Never give up on your goals and dreams

11.) Planting, nurturing, and growing your success no matter the circumstances

If you would like to contribute any of your thoughts, ideas, and opinions on any of these Rising topics, or if you have topics of your own to share, please message me so we can get you heard.

CEO/ Founder

West Coast Rise Magazine

Maurice A. Petty



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