West Coast Bus riding experience

Riding on buses is a fun, learning experience for Californians. No matter the age, where you’re from, or how much your salary is, you can reap the same benefits from your experiences riding West Coast Buses.

You are now able to get anywhere you want on the West Coast by using public transportation. There is the Metro bus which services the greater Los Angeles (MTA), Orange County Transit, OCTA, Metro Green, Blue, Purple, Red Line trains that can get you to any side of town you wish. It’s quite affordable to use public transportation, as we all know the price of gas can be frustrating. It costs you more money just trying to find your favorite gas station with the cheapest gas in any neck of the woods.

If you have too much pride to ride the bus or train, you could always drive your vehicle to the nearest park and ride station, park your car, and conveniently ride the train to your destination. Wondering how to to make it on time to that job interview or hot date across town? Well, all you have to do is call (323)Go-Metro, and you can get your route and schedule over the phone, then be on your merry way. Don’t want to call for your schedule? If you have an android phone, just go to Metro.net and click “Trip Planner” to plan your trip. Isn’t that easy?

You even get a “Tap Card” which is similar to a pre-paid debit card, in which you can load as much money onto your card depending on how much and where you’re traveling to. keep your card in your wallet, whip it out, and simply “tap” your card on the reader to be allowed instant access onto the buses or trains.

Another advantage of riding the Bus on the West Coast, is that you can enjoy the beauty, culture, and people while on the way to your destinations. Enjoy the historical scenery, take some pictures, post it on Instagram, then share it with your family and friends, or just save the picture for your own daily memories. These are things you can’t always do while driving through our busy streets. If you like to read the Newspaper, or that favorite Novel of yours; just take it on the bus with you! You will have plenty time to catch up on things while you’re on the bus. Bring your E-Reader, your iPod’s, do your homework, get your study on, or just meditate. Just take advantage of the time you’re riding until you get to where you’re going.

I’m sure we all can agree to disagree that the Metro Transportation Authority is expanding throughout the West Coast, and is definitelyImageImageImage on the “Rise.” This my friends is why West Coast Rise Magazine supports MTA and all public transportation systems in California.

These days, more people are choosing to ride the bus and trains for various reasons. From my personal experience, the most successful and wholesomely rich people are riding on the buses and trains. They try to get themselves a window seat, and take advantage of ample time the have to connect to nature, meditate, reflect on their day at work, family, life. This makes the ride a very rewarding experience. A relief from the hustle and bustle of Cali living. If you’re like me, then you will embrace the people around you for creative new ideas to inspire and motivate others.

Riding the MTA gives you the chance to connect to people who make the world go round. You never know who is who on the Metro, cause although Cali is a large state, it’s still a small world after all. Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself. If you overhear a conversation on current events, sports, politics, etc, don’t be afraid to jump in an join the conversation. You’re on a public bus, so it’s a “public” conversation. Trust me, before you know it, you will have arrived at your destinations.

CEO/ Founder

West Coast Rise Magazine

Maurice A. Petty


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